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You may have noticed something a little jazz-y on your radio this summer. A lot of the biggest hits have included horn sections, the kind that make you want to get up and dance (warning: not advised if you are driving). There are a ton of songs like this, from Ariana Grande’s Problem to Jason Derulo’s Talk Dirty to Me…”



In “Birth Culture,” photographer Alice Proujansky documents live birth from delivery rooms around the world. Her goal is to create images that open up a larger conversation about how to improve the process and reduce maternal and infant mortality. 

“The experience is strange and powerful and frightening and it can be really beautiful,” she said.

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ALI SHAHEED MUHAMMAD: You have to listen to it from beginning to end. You can’t — you cannot dissect one part of it. If you do, then you just – you’re in the wrong neighborhood.

TAJAI: … Like the music that’s on our record, jazz guys are gonna listen to it and be like, “I need to get me one of those.” Or funk guys are gonna be like, “Oooh, that was funky!” Like it’s not just the hip-hop record in that case, and so maybe that’s kind of what gives us our against the grain thing — is that we’re not going out to set a precedent for best rap record. We’re trying to make records like Innervisions orSuperfly or something like that and we just happen to be MCs.

Souls of Mischief on Microphone Check

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